AM Representation

Management for Artists on Cruise Ships

About us as an agency

We are a small and personalised management service working one on one with clients to find them the perfect cruise ship role.

We are forward thinking and do not require exclusivity and there is no holding fee from other jobs the clients aquire, without the assistance of the agency.

We believe in the perfect fit, there is an interview before any admission onto the books to ensure we are the agency for the client, and that the client feels we can meet their requirements.

It can be lonely out there, so we believe in checking in regularly with the clients to keep upto date with their successes and the directions they want to head in.

Most of all we are here to make life a little bit easier and help you get the job of your dreams, travelling the world, performing and getting paid for it!

Adam Morley

Founder of AM Representation

Adam has been working in the Cruise industry for 10 years in various roles and for multiple companies. The connections he has formed and the knowledge he can share will aid the clients in finding, not only a job, but the cruise line that is the best fit for them. 

Adam's background in performance and management allows him to understand and connect with the clients, ensuring the best chance for the client's talent to shine

Bethan Jacks

Vocal Casting Agent

Bethan has been working in the industry in musicals and UK tours since a young age, her strong background in performance allows her to give valauble assistance and guidance to our clients.

Having worked on both cruises and in the UK and International, tour of Evita, Bethan can work closely with the singers and singer/dancers directing them towards the success they deserve.

Drew Gage

Casting Assistant

 Drew graduated Northern Ballet School and has worked for 5 years as a dancer on Princess Cruises, performing world class shows created by Danny Teeson and Stephen Swartz.

 Drew has decided to take a step back from performing herself and use her knowledge and experience to help others live their dreams, just like she did. With her keen eye for detail and insight into the industry she is able to help guide our clients to that dream job.